Amazing Annie! **ADOPTED**

Our precious, sweet, loving little Annie is now in her fur-ever home with her amazing new mom!
We have some Amazing Annie updates for you all on this Monday morning! Please take a moment to read all about this special little girl!
Through no fault of her own, Annie found herself wandering the streets of Dallas in early June. Raggedy and shaggy, she weighed 14 pounds, blind, had an injured left eye, possibly deaf, not spayed, had an upper respiratory infection, and had dental gum disease.She was so matted and flea infested, that the shelter had to shave her at intake.Imagine how afraid and alone she must have felt! No familiar smells; no familiar petting and the scent of fear everywhere! Just all alone!!! Heartbreaking!!! It was evident that this little sweetheart had been horribly neglected. Annie was CODE RED and there was no time to hesitate!
Estimated to be around 10 years of age, she was one of the lucky ones to make it out of the shelter alive. Just as our senior citizens are sometimes disregarded or brushed aside, so too are our senior pets. Annie came into foster care on 6/29 and spent her first few days at the vets getting over her upper respiratory infection. She arrived in her foster home on 7/2 and has blossomed! Since arriving in her foster home, Annie has learned to get around inside and out. Since sight is not a dog’s primary sense and dogs no matter what degree of lost vision or hearing or both, including total loss of both, go on living full lives in safe and secure homes.
Annie may not technically be able to hear… but she CAN hear!! She knows her name and her little tail does a happy dance when you tell her it’s time eat. She loves to eat and loves treats. She is a love-bug and snuggle bug. She is happy snuggling next to her human on the couch or sleeping next to another furry friend. Annie is also potty trained. Annie was recently spayed and had her left eye removed and she is recuperating beautifully and taking her meds like a champ. She is vaccinated and micro-chipped and will be having a dental in another month or so.
Annie, though horribly neglected in her past, has rebound amazingly well with the medical attention she needed, a good diet, and with TLC, something this little Sweetheart clearly had not had in a long time. She has a sweet, gentle soul, loves the company of dogs and people and a very special girl looking for that very special family.
Could your home be that special family for this sweet girl? Please complete an online application and ask for Annie!

Dynamic Duo… Bella & Sasha! **ADOPTED**

Our girls have found their furever home! A note from Bella & Sasha:
We are so happy to be home with Mama Teresa and Papa Jim! We have a great big back yard that we explore together, and I just love to give kisses to my new humans! Of course, Sasha is being her laid-back self… she acts like she’s been here forever! We are so thankful to be together and with a family who loves us to the moon and back!
Bella & Sasha



Hello, friends! Bella & Sasha here!

Our owner had to surrender us, but God blessed the broken road – LSWR found us and scooped us right up! We told LSWR that we are in great health, but we still had to go visit the vet (we don’t know why they didn’t just take our word for it!). Of course, the vet agreed with us! We’re two very healthy 12 year old sisters! We are the very best of friends, and we love to give Westie kisses. We also get along with other dogs… as long as they want to chase birds and squirrels with us! We are very lady-like… no potty accidents in our foster home. The only difference you’ll find in us is is that I, Bella, am a laid back girl, while my silly sister, Sasha, is a spitfire and is always clowning around. We still play with each other just like we did as puppies.

I, Bella, am in the red collar and sis Sasha is in the purple collar.

We are ready for some fun whenever you are! Please submit an application to meet us… we’re tons of fun!

Bella & Sasha

Sweet Stanley! **ADOPTED**

Stanley’s Happy Tail!

Well… all I can say is… that was FAST! I’ve been adopted into the best fur-ever home with the Kaplan’s! That’s right- you can call me Stanley Kaplan now! My awesome fosters, Mary & Stephen, knew as soon as I met the Kaplan family that we were a match made in Heaven! I even have three brothers to play with! This picture is us earlier today having our mid-morning snooze after play time in the yard. Playing chase with four boys deserves a good nap!

I couldn’t be happier! Thank you to everyone for their help and well wishes!


Stanley Happy Tail


LSWR would like to introduce our newest friend, Stanley! Stanley has been a sad little guy lately – his mom passed away two months ago and he’s been staying with family. Unfortunately, they can’t keep him, but they came to the right place! We are so excited to take Stanley in. He had a wonderful mom and is in excellent health. He’s 9 years old and came in current on all vaccines and heart worm meds. Even neutered! He is a young 9 year old guy – could easily pass for 5! He has the most robust bark and is just a happy go lucky boy! He will make an excellent companion – he’s great with both kids and other dogs.

Please let us know if you’re interested in meeting Stanley. Please complete our application located on the left side of our Facebook page or on our website at

Thank you from LSWR & Stanley!

Annie the Lovebug! **ADOPTED**

I hope everyone is having a special Monday… I know I am! My foster mom just told me some very special words that the vet said about me… “Annie was a train wreck, but this beloved abandoned sweet girl, has a life well worth living and deserves to sleep in a warm soft bed, and know love and compassion!”

I looked a little rough when I went into the vet, as you’ll see in my picture below… and, unfortunately I had various issues… some of which we are still working through. However, I was well enough to go to my new foster home over the weekend, and mom says I am just a lovebug! A few things about me that my fur-ever home will need to know: I’m a 10 year old girl, potty-trained and very lady-like. I am both blind (I will always need eye drops) and deaf but that doesn’t keep me down – I love to prance around like a pony in the backyard! I’m also on the path to recovery from heartworms and some skin issues. I’ll be spayed and have some dental work soon, too! I’m just considering it as some time at the spa & salon!

I’m being very well taken care of with my foster family… my friend, Sydney, and I like to lay by each other at nap time.

I’m so glad to have the warm, soft bed that the vet mentioned. I’m excited to keep everyone posted on my progress, and I would love to hear from anyone interested in knowing more about me!


Two Best Friends… meet Billy Bob & Rosie! **ADOPTED**

BB & Rosie’s Happy Tail!

Happy Monday from the happiest couple around! We, BB & Rosie, are on cloud nine! We had the best road trip to our new fur-ever home and are L-O-V-I-N-G it in Kansas City, MO! The surroundings suit us, don’t you think? Our new Mom, Dad & Sister love their new cute twinkies, and we sure do love them back! Just look at our first family photo! Papa Larry said that Mama Judy got all of the kisses on the car ride home ONLY because he was busy driving. 🙂 Papa Larry also said that this is a true fairy tale ending… we are all going to live happily ever after!

BB & Rosie


We’re the two best friends anyone could ever have… Billy Bob & Rosie!

The last year has been tough on us. We survived a flood last year by floating on a mattress with our other best friend, Mom, until we were rescued, but now she has become too ill to care for us. We are 8 & 12 years old, and Mom has loved and cared for us every second of those years. We will miss being with her very much, but we still have each other and are currently on our way to the DFW area to settle in and begin our search for our new fur-ever home together!

More to come on our move!

Billy Bob & Rosie

Billy Bob & Rosie 1

Meet Max! **ADOPTED**

Happy tails for Max!

Handsome Max here!

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming response of love and care for me! I am so happy to let everyone know that I have a new furever home… that includes a ranch and HORSES! I’ve already jumped right in to help feed the horses, and I love exploring my yard! Thanks so much to my Austin parents, Al & Pam, for helping me find my way to Kristen & Vincent… and my new sister, Roxy! They loved me right away… and I loved them, too!

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my new family on the ranch!




Hi friends! My name is Max, and I am 12 years young! I had an owner since I was a puppy, but she got sick a long time ago and family members were suppose to take care of me. Sadly, one day they decided to take me to a shelter outside of Austin. The shelter staff rallied to contact a rescue to take me in and here I am!!

Quickly, my Austin foster family stepped in to go get me and take me to the vet. My fur was matted and covered with burrs, but my loving LSWR foster family gently removed them all and then bathed me. Since then, I’ve had a haircut and I feel GREAT! I am currently taking meds for an ear infection, a skin infection and an eye ointment, but as you can see from the pictures, I’m looking pretty handsome and feeling SO much better. I will have a dental in the very near future.

I’m taking daily walks with my foster Westies and even shedding some pounds. My foster family says I have a very sweet disposition and am very easy going and low maintenance. I get along great with dogs. I will be just fine with other pets or even if it’s just me by myself, I’m okay with that too. I would like a family who has time to spend with me, who will love me unconditionally, and never abandon me again!!

If you fit the bill, I would love to hear from you.


Ginger aka Sassy Girl! **ADOPTED**

Happy Sunday! I’m Lil Ginger, but you can call me Sassy Girl! I’m just a wee little puppy weighing in at about 4 pounds, and I will be looking for my new furever family very soon. I was found running along the highway and was picked up by a Good Samaritan before getting hit by a car. That is no way of life for an 8 week old puppy. I am so thankful to be an LSWR foster puppy, and I’m getting a lot of puppy training from my big foster sisters, Sophie & Sydney. While I can’t tell you what happened to me before being found on the highway, I definitely left my doggie mom and littermates too soon, so Sophie is showing me the ropes and teaching me all about puppy manners. I don’t want to brag, but I’ve only been in my foster home almost one week and I’ve only had one accident, and my foster mom said that was her fault! So really if you think about it, I’ve got a clean record. And on top of that, I’ve mastered “sit”!! I think you’d agree that I’m a pretty smart pup! I’m walking pretty darn good on the leash, LOVE toys and more TOYS, and I love the great outdoors, with lots of supervision of course!

I will need a loving family who will have the time to devote to having a puppy, along with a fenced in yard. Another furry friend would be great because I am learning so much from my foster buddies.

Puppy kisses to everyone!
Sassy Girl

I Love Lucy **ADOPTED**

Hi friends!

I’m Lucy, and I have to tell you that there really and truly are good people in the world! I’m 13 years young, and my family split up recently. It was a really hard transition for everyone, and I wasn’t quite getting the attention a cute Westie girl needs. My family did their best but eventually decided I would be happier in another home with lots and lots of time devoted to me. Enter… Lone Star Westie Rescue! My awesome Austin, TX foster fam, Pam & Al, took me right into their home! Now enter… Papa Todd and Mama Leslie! Mom and Pop were out of town and hadn’t had a chance to meet me yet, but when LSWR told them about me, they wanted me instantly. Even though I have some health issues, they just knew in their hearts that I was the perfect addition to their family. My awesome Austin family brought me to DFW where I met and fell in love with Papa Todd and Mama Leslie… and, I even have two new Westie sisters, Chloe & Roxy!

I’m happy to say… and they all lived happily ever after!

Hugs & kisses,


Gunner is looking for a forever home!!! **ADOPTED**


I’m Gunner and I’m the newest addition to LSWR.  I ended up in a shelter and didn’t not find my forever home so LSWR offered to give me some help!

 My foster mom says I’m a good boy with lots of energy.  Cuddles and kisses are a requirement for my adoption because I love to pass them out to everyone.  I like my foster siblings and really like to be chased.  I’m still learning a potty routine since I’m only 10 months old, but I’m catching on pretty quick.  The dogtor says I weigh in at 8 lbs and I’m in good health.  If I look like a good fit, please complete an application so we can meet!!

 Whishing all the fur kids and fur parents a Happy Easter!!

 High Paw!!



Friday news from Scout! **ADOPTED**

Happy Friday, y’all! Scout here to tell you that after being rescued in 2013, I’ve found my FUR-ever home… with the ones who saved me! That’s right – I’m so much fun (you might say I’m the life of the party…) and my Westie brother, Oliver, and I are such best buds now, it would be silly for me to be anywhere else! I’ve also learned this trick that made Mama Ann fall head over heels for me – turn your head from side to side like you know EXACTLY what she’s saying and you’re golden! I basically get a new tennis ball (my favorite!) every time I do it. Oliver is totally on board with the game.
Enjoy your weekend, guys… I know I will!

Read all about it! By “it” I mean me, Jack! **ADOPTED**

I am one lucky fella and want to tell you all about it! My foster mom, Dru, and my foster sister, Emma, have supported me and loved me through my first round of heartworm treatment. I’m getting ready for my second round of treatment and guess what – they love me SO much, they want to support me through this one too and keep me FUR-ever! I am thrilled to be a full time part of this family! Emma has taught me how to truly relax, and it’s something we practice often. Mama Dru tells me I’m a “true joy.” I need to tell her… the joy I display is a result of the love she has shown me!


May I Introduce… Me! Marley! **ADOPTED**

Guys! It’s Marley! This is the best Sunday Funday ever! It’s my last night to spend at the vet – they tell me my respiratory infection is all better and my skin infection will be better in no time, too, which means no more of these bad hair days (yes- boys have bad hair days too)! Sooooo… I get to go to my new foster family tomorrow! I had a tough time a couple of weeks ago – I was found inside a vacant house. I was a little scared (and bored!), but some nice people came to get me, fixed me right up and now I’m going to be loved on me and receive lots of lavish presents. Ok, the presents are squeaky toys. All of my doctors and visitors tell me I have the most beautiful pearly white teeth (check out the pictures – I even smiled for them!), I listen intently when they tell me stories, AND I’m potty trained at the spry age of 3 years old, too (yeah – they tell me I’m the whole package – smart and sweet)!

They’re doing this thing called “neutering” in a couple of weeks (I’ve been assured everything will be okay), and then I will be ready for my FUR-ever home! I can’t WAIT for the adventure the next few weeks holds for me! Call me!


Update From Miss Pearl! **ADOPTED**

Hi fellow Westie friends! Pearl here! Happy Friday to you! Well, actually, every day is a happy day for me! I wanted to tell you about my new life and fabulous family! They spoil me rotten, and I LOVE IT! Can you say spa days, hair days, dress up and relaxing weekends at the lake house? Not to mention my golf cart rides…

I’ve had to teach my family a thing or two about fishing, which includes not getting wet or dirty, and they seem to be getting the hang of it. After fishing and play-chasing the rabbits (I really only want to play!), I cozy up and take a nap anywhere I want. I’m truly one blessed little girl!


Miss Pearl

pearl 7Pearl 3Pearl 1 Pearl 2Pearl 4 Pearl 5 Pearl 6

****Huck has been ADOPTED into his FUR-EVER HOME!****

Huck’s Happy New life:

Well folks today was a great day in the life of this Huckleberry Finn (aka Huck)! I am no longer a wanderer thanks to the LSWR rescue program & my foster family! I had two Westie brothers to show me the ropes of living in a home, getting healthy & what a loving family means to those of us living on the streets.

And life got better than imagined when my new parents wrote to LSWR & said they wanted ME to join their family! Now I have two awesome parents & two fur-sisters! I will have many new adventures and a wonderful new life! Just look at all of us…Happy 2016 to ME!!!

xoxo Huck

Huck Capture Huck Capture1

My name is Huck and I am a 10 year old neutered male Westie.  Animal Control found me wandering the streets and took me to the shelter and while I waited patiently, my owners never came for me.  My heart was broken but then an LSWR volunteer came for me immediately and brought me home.

I am an easy-going happy guy. I came in on the thin side but have gained some weight.   I am very friendly and love my foster parents and other dogs. I am potty trained and very well mannered.   I must admit, I’m quite a perfect gentleman.  I’m neutered, current on my shots and microchipped.   A lovely home with a yard and some furry doggie friends would be “pawsitively” awesome!

I am just about the cutest and sweetest guy you could ever hope to meet. All I need is a new forever home to make my new life complete.

So if you think you are my special family, complete an online application and ask for me.


Kirby **ADOPTED**

PicMonkey Collage  IMG_0063

Hello, my name is Kirby!  I am an adorable 6-7 year old Terrier so let me tell you a little bit about me.

I came from a local shelter scared and alone, as I had been wandering the streets.  My time was running out until LSWR rallied to save me.  Next, I find myself being examined by the dogtor and off I go to my foster home.

I am a very calm sweet boy and quiet too, not too much barking on my part only when my foster family gets home and I’m happy and anxious to see them.  Other than that, I don’t make a peep.  I love laying on big pillow beds and watch the world go by.  I came in really thin but I’m a fantastic eater, inhaling my food and I don’t miss any meals!  I filled out quite nicely.  Oh and my ears, well, they don’t work together.  I never have both up at the same time – it’s always one at a time but it’s really cute though.  I have great potty manners, I go right out the back door, hit the grass and potty so I would say I’m 100% potty trained.  I’m vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.  My teeth were in pretty bad shape so I had a dental a few weeks ago and had some teeth extracted but I’m doing great now.

I sleep in a crate at night and really like my comfy bed, only require a fluffy, comfy pillow! When it’s time to go to bed at night, I am usually on a pillow in the family room – I look up at my foster mom and dad basically saying “I’m fine here”.

I’m going to make a super wonderful companion and thanks to my wonderful foster family, I am I just beginning to learn how to accept / give affection.  It seems like I have not had that before but I know someone will be so lucky to have me – I am just a love!!

So please complete an online application and inquire about wonderful me!

XOXO Kirby

Audry **ADOPTED**


My name is Audry and I was a little lost soul until I arrived at LSWR.  I am a young girl approximately 3-4 years old, spayed and current on all my shots. I am a delightful little girl and I have a very sweet temperament, perfect manners and perfectly housetrained.  I walk great on a leash and enjoy car rides.  When I first came into foster care, I showed a little anxiety, but I settled in quickly.  My foster family is working on getting some meat on my bones as I am very thin, but I am a very good eater.  I get along great with my Westie foster buddy and I am learning to trust my human foster family.  I know it’s the holiday season but I believe in the magic of Christmas and know that Santa and everyone at LSWR is looking out for me.

I may not be all Westie, perhaps a Cairn/Schnauzer sprinkled by a Wesite mix, but I have so much love to give and I will make someone a perfect companion.  Just look at my pictures and check out my video on youTube.  I know I’m going to have my very own family very soon.

XOXO Audry

Precious – Adopted

IMG_3968 IMG_3972 IMG_3988

Hello folks, I’m Precious, a 10 year old adorable Westie girl!!  I am the new kid on the block and although I should be crushed because my prior owner no longer wanted me,  I am smiling because LSWR is going to find me a great new home!

I am in the process of being vetted and will have a dental and will be spayed in the near future.  So stay tune to follow my progress as LSWR learns about me.  I know I’ll be ready for my new home very soon.

XOXO Precious

Adopted!! Billy is looking for a forever home!!

2015-08-15 14.28.16 2015-08-27 09.22.37 2015-08-27 09.23.57

My name is Billy and I’m a transplant to the Dallas area from Austin. I know I don’t look like a typical Westie, but I am pretty spunky. My foster mom says I’m a good boy and I get along with the other fur kids in the house. I like toys, clothes (not to wear: drag around the house), the other fur kids beds, my humans and the other fur kids. I’m 10 months old, but I settle down quick when it’s time to relax.

If you think you can handle all this cuteness, please complete an application!!

Louise **ADOPTED**

Louise FullSizeRender - 3Louise FullSizeRenderLouise1FullSizeRender (10)

Hi…I’m Louise, Thelma’s sister, but my pals call me Wheezy.  I am 2 years old and brand new to LSWR. I am gaining my confidence more and more and love to be with people.

Like Thelma, I am also a talker – especially at feeding time. I am a tiny little girl, weighing in at 10-11 pounds.  I should be training for the Olympic trials because I am a great jumper.  I can clear 3 1/2 feet easily whenever I want to.

I am the calmer one of the two, but I like more activity than Thelma. I don’t play with toys much but I do like to busy. And boy, I love the great outdoors!! I am spayed, current on my shots and microchipped and get along great with other dogs, so what’s not to love about me?

I am learning many new things but sometimes I get startled by new situations.  I am looking forward to my new family, a calm quiet environment works just fine.  I will make a wonderful super dog companion for the right family!!

XOXO Wheezy

Thelma **ADOPTED**

Tabby FullSizeRenderTabby 1FullSizeRender - 5Tabby FullSizeRender - 3

Hello, my name is Thelma, but my friends call me Tabby.  I am a young Cairn terrier mix who recently joined LSWR. My prior owner could no longer care for me and I was taken to a high kill shelter but thankful LSWR came to my aid.

I am quite the talker, very low energy and 2 years young. In fact my goal in life is to be a beautiful couch cushion accessory. I don’t play with toys much but I sure do love to be with people. I need some hugs early in the morning and when you return home from work. I’m close to mastering the potty training skills.  I am spayed, current on my shots and microchipped.  I get along great with other dogs. So I’m ready to meet my new family any day now. I would do great in any quiet household that is looking for a cutie companion like me. I am okay with children 8 years of age or older.

Come on, submit that online application and ask for me, you’ll be glad you did.

Love Thelma