Family circumstances change all too often, new baby, moving, domestic break-up, work commitments, going into care, death in the family, financial concerns, or any multitude of reasons why the dog can no longer receive the company, exercise or time which it deserves.  We understand that due to life circumstances beyond your control, you may find the need to surrender your Westie into our Rescue Program.  It is a great act of selflessness to give up your dog during a particular crisis.  We never underestimate this fact and want to make the process go as smoothly as possible for you and the dog.  Be assured that we are here to help you and your Westie.

If this is your current situation, please contact us:


You will be asked for medical records, a photo of your Westie, and any other information that you can give us about your Westie.  This will help us find the best home for your Westie.

If your Westie is accepted into our program, we will coordinate a place and time for you to relinquish your Westie to us.  At that time we will require you to sign an Owner Release form relinquishing ownership of your Westie to Lone Star Westie Rescue (LSWR).  We will also request copies of all medical, vaccination and microchip records if you have them, and any familiar possessions such as toys, leash, collar, etc.

Whatever you do – please DO NOT take your Westie to a shelter.  Your Westie deserves so much more.  Shelter environments are very stressful on animals.  They can be exposed to kennel cough, parvovirus and various other viruses and disease. 


  1. Due to changing living accommodations we need to find a new home for our 13-yr old Westie “Riley.” We are moving to condo that does not allow pets. Riley is a sweet dog: very calm demeanor, rarely barks, and is friendly with everyone. Based on your website it would appear you have a very caring environment for Westies. Could you pls tell me how this would work? What kind of environment/transition could Riley expect?

  2. I have a westie which i think is a mix. Now that I am a widow, I fibd mtself gone way to much to give her the love she deserves. She is in a kennel way to much and its just not fair. I want to make sure she goes to a loving family. How do I go about this?

  3. McKenzie is a 6 yo wonderful boy who we kept from getting euthanized with his shih tzu sister.

    We have tried to place him but have not done well not knowing the breed. He also overwhelms our shih tzus so we are don’t really have a foster home.

    He has been fully vetted for adoption. Would you have room in your rescue for him?

    Lynda Leazure
    Tzu Zoo Rescue

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