Meet FAMOUS AMOS the Happy-Go-Lucky Westie Imposter

Capture Mars1Capture Mars2Famous Amos (2)

Amos is a very affectionate, happy-go-lucky dog. Just looking at his endearing face brings a smile. He loves to be petted and will jump up and wrap his arms around you to give hugs. And who doesn’t need a hug after a long, stressful day?

He’s an early riser, very energetic and relishes his three-mile walks in the morning. He is working on his leash manners but knows to walk on the left hand side and stays by your heel – most of the time. A few more lessons and he will have mastered the subject. He sits quietly before you serve meals loves a snooze afterwards.

Amos is house trained and very quiet – he has yet to bark! He knows the furniture is off-limits and is content to rest on one of his beds or under your desk when you’re hard at work. He loves people and while we haven’t had him in the park to play with other dogs, we think he would do very well. He’s just one of those guys who takes everything in his stride – nothing seems to ruffle him.

Endowed with superhero skills, he can leap a two-foot dog gate from a standstill and doesn’t like to be crated so he might do best in home where he’s not left alone all day and one where he doesn’t have spend time in a crate.

He is looking for an active family who will spend lots of time with him.  Just look at that face!!  He is the happiest little guy on the planet.

If you are interested in adopting this cutie , complete an Online Application in the menu tab above.

Scruffy is looking for a furever home!!!

unnamed3Scruffy 3 unnamed unnamed2

Scruffy here; the newest addition to the LSWR group.   As you can see by my photos, I’m a good looking fella, laid back and like lots of love.  Kids and cats like me because I’m pretty chill and my foster mom says I have good barking manners.  I get very excited when it’s time to go outside, super excited when the humans come home and I do love my squeaky toys!! I’m a 6 or 7 year old male, but who’s counting.  I’ve got this great place to stay while some of my skin issues clear up, but I’m on the market for a new pad.

If you are looking for a new addition to your family, I’m looking for a forever home!

Hope to meet my new family soon!!

Paws and Licks,    Scruffy

Rowan is looking for a forever home – Adopted



Hi Friends,

I’m Rowan, HAPPY to be here with LSWR.   I’m not sure how I ended up at a shelter but thanks to LSWR and my foster mom for bailing me out.

I’m estimated to be 1 – 2 years old and weigh 13 lbs.  I am a fun and active small boy with lots of energy!  When it comes to playtime, I go 90 miles an hour and then conk out for a nice nap.  I’m also quite content to sit in my foster mom’s lap when she’s in her favorite chair.

I’m housetrained, crate trained and I walk well on a leash.  When I’m on my walk, I like to take my time and smell the flowers and take in the cool crisp air.  I get along with other dogs so a playmate is fine by me.  I am ready for my new home and I know my perfect family will snatch me up very soon.

I have lots of love to give you!  Is there a place in your heart for me?

If you want me to be a part of your family, please fill out an adoption application at

Hugs & Kisses,


******* Adopted******* Charlie is looking for a “fur-ever” home

Charlie Untitled Charlie Untitled 2Charlie Untitled 6

Hi, I’m Charlie!

I’m a cute, white Schnauzer, around 5 years old.  I’m current on my vaccinations, neutered and microchipped, too.

Sadly, my owner’s medical needs prevented him from taking caring of me and my buddy and we were surrendered to a local shelter.  My buddy was adopted and thankfully LSWR took me in to find me a new furever home.

I’m a 14.5 lb bundle of a fun loving strong & healthy boy.  I’m smart too.  I know my name, sit and come and that’s just the beginning.  I’m potty trained, walk great on a leash and I sleep in a crate!  I like to play, run & chase birds and squirrels.  And when I hear those fire engine trucks, I mimic them.  My foster mom thinks it’s comical.  I truly enjoy the company of my foster Westies and my foster Mom & Dad.

If you need someone with a little spunk and great personality to love, I’m your guy.  Hurry and get your online adoption application in to LSWR so we can start our new life together.



***** Adopted******* Chester is looking for a Furever Home


Chester is a well rounded, happy, 1-2 year old Westie imposter.  He has a very high IQ that he doesn’t like to use when he is eating his food.  Let’s say gulping might be his worst trait.  Chester’s foster mom reports that Chester is well behaved, doesn’t bark and scream like a typical Westie, loves other dogs, tennis balls might be his favorite toy, gives random kisses, doesn’t like to sit on the furniture unless invited, and use caution when you are near the ice machine or you might get a nose bump.  Sounds like Chester might need a family with lots of energy and other dogs or maybe Chester just needs a home full of love.  Chester does have that awesome Westie trait, “love the one your with.”  Chester’s is incredibly intelligent and would fit into any situation from becoming a hunting dog to just being a lap dog.  He fits into his foster family’s home within minutes and will have no problem adjusting to a “forever” home.  

Daisy – Adopted

Daisy is looking for a Furever Home!!

IMG_1617 IMG_1609a


Hi, I’m Daisy!

I’m a petite, white Schnauzer, around 3-4 years old.  I’m current on my vaccinations, spayed and micro chipped, too.

I was found running on the streets of the big city and boy that was scary!  Thankfully a family took me in temporarily, but they couldn’t keep me so they asked Lone Star Westie Rescue to find me a new furever home.

I’m a 14 lb bundle of love.  I’m potty trained and walk great on a leash and I sleep in a crate!  I love giving kisses and cuddling.  I think I’m pretty much perfect, don’t you?

If you need someone to love, I’m your girl.  Hurry and get your adoption application in to LSWR so we can start our new life together.

See you soon!

Daisy- XOXO


** Adopted** Digby is looking for a Furever Home

Digby 1

Hi everyone, my name is DIGBY!   When I came into the foster program, I was in a tough way.  But good food, good care and lots of gentleness and love from the folks at LSWR has me bouncing back in a big way!   I am 12 years young, neutered male, and full of Westie attitude!  I have great confidence and am the “new sheriff” in town at my foster home.   My foster mom is always laughing at my antics because I am full of curiosity and joy and will try anything.  Naturally because I’m a Westie I excel at everything, from helping my foster mom when she digs in her garden, to walks and to training, I am smart and give it my all.  Teach an old dog new tricks, yep, that is me, I learn new rules and routines quickly, happy to fit in.   I am crate trained for night time and when you are away, but I’m also a love bug and want to be about with you when you are home and happy to sleep on the foot of your bed at night.  I’m house trained well, and first out the door to potty, even in the rain, better than some of the others I live with!  I jump up and clap my paws together when I am excited about something, especially dinner time.  I have some slight age related vision issues, but nothing that interferes and boy I don’t miss a treat tossed to me!   I love to be with my people, whatever they are doing, and that love bug stuff, yeah I really enjoy to snuggle up on the couch and watch your favorite shows with you.  I prefer to be your primary dog, but with the right buddies I can get along fine as long as I’m the alpha dog and getting my fair share of your attention.  After all, I want my own people and will be the best boy I can be, which naturally will be awesome… cause I’m DIGBY the Westie!

Digby 4 Digby 3 Digby 2

** Adopted** Molly is Looking for a Furever Home!

Molly d

I am an adorable 2-year-old Cairn Terrier named Molly. Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I came from a local shelter scared and alone and I had skin issues. My time was up and I was not going to make it out of the shelter alive until Camp Lone Star Cairn Rescue and Lone Star Westie Rescue rallied together to save me. So here I am a beautiful & happy girl and my skin issues are long gone. LSWR fixed all of that with kindness & love, great food and medicated baths.

I have really blossomed over the past few weeks. I’m in a foster home with a Westie, Cairn & a Labrador and I get along great with all of them. My best buddy is the family Labrador and I love running after her outside and playing tug-of-war inside.  I am spayed, current on all my shots, and microchipped.  I love to explore and I do great traveling in the car. I love my walks, being with humans and my furry friends.

Do I appeal to your heart?

I promise to be your best girl friend and fill your heart with love and laughter.

XOXO Molly

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out the Online Application on our Facebook Page at or you can complete an Online Application in the menu tab above.

Molly b Molly a Molly c Molly e

Boomer and Karma **ADOPTED**


Will you open your heart and home to Boomer and/or Karma?

These two wonderful Westies are still looking for that person or family who will love them and take good care of them as they go through life.

Boomer is in our Walking Them Home program; at 15 years young, he is starting to slow down and needs a great home where he can live out the rest of his life. Lone Star Westie Rescue will pay for all of his medical and other needs for as long as needed. He’s a very sweet guy who loves belly rubs and attention. He can go on short walks. He does have some health issues, but those are being managed with medications.

Karma, at 13 years young, is still very active. She loves walks and squeaky toys. She’s a very healthy, spry girl! She will do best as the only pet in the home and no children.

Boomer and Karma have been together all of their lives. We would prefer that they stay in the same home where they are the only furkids, but we are open to the possibility of placing them separately if we can find the right homes for each.

Boomer and Karma

Boomer wanted to tell everyone our story, but I think I have a better handle on how this all works.  I’m Karma and I have never been without Boomer; he was all of 2 years old when I showed up.  We had a great life together for many years with the same family, but life happened and our circumstances changed then LSWR answered our mom’s call for help.   We saw the dogtor and went to our foster homes, but Boomer was sad without me.  His foster mom, my foster family and LSWR decided it would be best if we stayed together and now we are hanging in our foster home until our new forever family finds us!  Boomer was so relieved to see that he didn’t leave my side for 2 days. The dogtor says we are a good looking couple and in great health.

Now for the good part, me! I love to run, play, eat, and help my foster mom with gardening.  I’m irresistible and if you don’t think so, I’ll sit up on my hind quarters waving my paws to make sure you are not missing any cuteness. When the door opens to go out I’m first in line and second to the last one in. I thought I was a good swimmer, but I over estimated my abilities. It’s so hard to be humble when you have so much going for you.  I could go on about me, but I’d like to tell you about my older brother, Boomer. He’s a laid back Westie and loves….well me! He likes his belly rubbed, exploring the backyard, food and again me. He too sits on his hind quarters for dinner and treats, but hasn’t perfected the “paw waving” technique that I have mastered.  He’s a bit hard of seeing and uses me as a guide in new places.  Once he has the lay of the land there is no stopping him.

Please check out our pictures and video for more irresistible cuteness!!

Kisses and Cuddles,

Karma & Boomer

boomer1 boomer2 boomerkarma2 karma1 karma2

** Adopted** Pattybell is Looking For Her Furever Home

PattyBell 2 14 15 a PattyBell 2 14 15

I remember the days when I had my own bed, my own toys and my family. Then one day my world turned upside down, when my owner passed away.   Lucky for me, LSWR took me into their care.   It is amazing what good food, TLC, and vet care can do.  I am loving life again and I’m ready to love again.  I am 12 years young, spayed, shots are current and microchipped.

I am so sweet and I’m in tip-top shape.   I’m enjoying the other Westies in my foster home and running and playing in the huge backyard. I am looking for that special person who will fill the hole in my heart. If you want to live happily ever after with me please complete the online application.

The very adorable, PattyBell

(Adopted) Chip Looking for His Furever Home:




Meet our newest intake at LSWR. He is currently in foster care after being rescued from a local shelter. Chip is approximately five years old, housebroken, and gets along with other dogs. His foster mom says that he is a sweet little boy. However, Chip has a little bit of work ahead of him because he wasn’t given his heart worm care and he now has to undergo treatment. He started his treatment on January 5th and is eager to find a home.

If you’re interested in adopting Chip, please complete our Online Application at or at

** Adopted ** Snoop Needs a Furever Home:

Update on Snoop’s Search for Furever Home:

Snoop’s foster mom says that Mr. Snoop is doing great, but he is still looking for his furever home. Read his story below.


I’m Snoop, the cutest and sweetest guy you could ever hope to meet. I am approximately 4 years old, very well mannered, vaccinated and microchipped.
I’m quite the gentleman, potty trained, walk great on a leash, know how to use the doggie door and I get along great with other pets. Yep, I’m all that and a bag of chips!

I love to snuggle and hang out with my humans and love attention, so if you need a snuggle-bug, I’m your boy. I have a grand ole time playing with my foster buddies.
Would you open your heart and home to a handsome boy like me? I will be a faithful and loyal companion for a very lucky family.

If you are interested in adopting Snoop please complete our Online Application at or on our website at

Yuki Needs a Furever Home:

Adopted (1/2015)I won I'm not wearing black bows Ready for the party Yuki and her soccer ball

Here is a westie girl after my own heart. Her foster mum has reported that although Yuki doesn’t care for a bow, she seems to love wearing a boa. I think this might give her automatic entry into Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yuki is a sweet gal that knows what she likes. She also has rebounded really well from some neglect she suffered when her family didn’t have the means to care for her. Thankfully, they made the hard choice to surrender Yuki to Lone Star Westie Rescue. She has been fully vetted and is ready for her furever home. The only thing Yuki will need from her new family is love and a few eyedrops for dry eye condition, but hey, what’s a little dry eye for a gal that has been on such a long journey. Through all her trials and tribulations Yuki has managed to keep that westie love in her heart and she looks forward to showering her new family with it every day.

If you’re interested in adopting Yuki, please complete our online application at or go to our Facebook page at

Leo’s Happy Tail

hp_leo IMG_00351 Leo 9 20

Our lil Leo has won the hearts of many people and is now settling into his new routine with his adoptive family. Here is what they say about him…”we are thrilled that he is such a happy, social, and well behaved little guy.” Leo will soon begin his heartworm treatment and his family is so thankful to LSWR for their efforts and love for Leo.

Run with the wind Leo – may the squirrels never catch you.

Anna’s Happy Tail


Anna’s owner passed away and she was turned in to a shelter.   Anna is estimated to be about ten years old and the shelter worked hard to ensure Anna got a 2ndchance at life.  Anna, scared and confused, waited 2 months at the shelter in hopes of getting adopted but no one came for her.   Senior pets through no fault of their own find themselves homeless and can you imagine the fear and confusion Anna felt from once having a home to being abandoned in a shelter?


We are so happy to report that all that has changed for this sweet girl, thanks to all her guardian angels that teamed up to save her.  While in foster care, Anna received the medical attention she so deserved.  She was in desperate need of a dental and needed to have 29 teeth pulled.  She is a trooper.   In the short few weeks we’ve had her, she has blossomed with such curiosity, and her zest for life is endearing and she’s coming out of her shell.  Her new mom is so in love with her new companion and Anna now lives like the little princess she is.


Happy & Home,

Joey (a/k/a Yoda) Needs a Furever Home

joey001 joey002

Hi, everyone.

My name is Joey, but my friends call me Yoda. I am a bouncing, lovable, 5 month old baby boy looking for my furever home.

I used to have a home and a family, but somehow I ended up on the mean streets all by myself. The next thing you know, I was taken to doggie jail where Lone Star Westie Rescue found me and came to my rescue. I am very active and get along well with other dogs. Since I am just a puppy, I will need patience and understanding as my new family teaches me the ways of this big world.

Are you looking for a lovable boy like me to join your family? If so, hurry and get your adoption application in.

Let’s start our new life together!


If you are interested in adopting Joey, please fill out the Online Application on our Facebook Page at or you can complete an Online Application on our website at
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Lil Leo Needs a Furever Home:

Image083020141355551 IMG_1901

Leo the Lionheart has come to Lone Star Westie Rescue to look for his furever den. He is approximately 3-4 years old. He has very little ferocious traits or what we all like to call Westietude. He is the sweetest and most well behaved little Westie on the planet and to top it off he is potty trained. Leo has made a smooth transition into his foster home.

Leo is looking for a furever den that will mesh well with his laid back attitude and be able to provide belly rubs throughout the day and at random times. A good belly rub seems to be his favorite activity. His foster mum tells us that if Leo sees a hand he is quick to flip over for a rub. Leo’s foster mom thinks Leo might melt because he is so cute and sweet. We are pretty sure he is working the Westie charm with his furever mum because she also stated that Leo’s button eyes burst with love. Her words not ours.

Leo is up to date on his shots, potty trained, neutered, microchipped and has clean fangs. He is read for his next adventure.

*If you are interested in adopting Lil Leo, please fill out the Online Application on our Facebook Page at or you can complete an Online Application on our website at

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Rooney a/k/a “The Heart Thief”

20140828_110623 20140828_110619

Rooney stole the heart of Lone Star Westie Rescue volunteers and now he has gone and done it, again.

He has a new “furever” family and many new friends and neighbors to go along with them. We hear that he was greeted throughout the day by his new social network and that his basket full of toys grew substantially throughout the afternoon. We are calling this the beginnings of being spoiled, but Rooney prefers the term charisma.

He chose to rescue a family that lives on Lake Granbury and is anticipating his life as a boat dog once the rains come. We all hope for that soon. In the meantime, he has a golf cart to ride in that will help him develop his sea legs. “The Heart Thief” will have all kinds of new adventures.

Lone Star Westie Rescue volunteers said that, although they left a piece of their hearts with Rooney, it made it a lot easier knowing he is in great hands and will be loved.

Cheers to you Rooney, cheers to you.

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Yuki Needs a Furever Home:

Adopted (1/23/15)DSCN1153 DSCN1151 DSCN1140 DSCN1116

My name is Yuki. I am an eight year old owner surrender because my family fell on hard times and couldn’t give me the care I deserve. Luckily, Lone Star Westie Rescue came to my rescue. My foster mummy says that I am the sweetest, happiest, most perfect little girl. I am spayed, micro-chipped, and fully vetted. In about 10 days I will get my fangs cleaned and polished. I do have “dry eye” but foster mummy says I am a really good girl when she is doing my eye medicine routine. Keep checking on my progress. Now that I am in the safe arms of Lone Star Westie Rescue volunteers I can work on my getting back my “Westietude.” When my Westietude comes back I will probably have super hero skills like Wonder Woman.

I have been working on my cute look, sweet eye looks, sorry I rolled in poo look, and all the other Westie superhero skills I might need in the future. I have plenty of time to perfect my skills because I won’t get to rescue a human until my fangs are polished pearly white and clean. If you’re interested in adopting a future Westie superhero, get your application in now so Lone Star Westie Rescue can vet you, too.
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