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  1. We looked afer a rescue westie for 8 years. He died last year at 16 years and we would now like to give a good home to 1 or 2 mature westies

  2. Just lost my little guy after 15 years 😦 but I’m very excited to have a Westie to love!

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  4. We are looking for a family pet to love and share our home. We promise to love and care for this dog and make sure we provide him / her with a happy life!

  5. I am interested in louise. I live in San Marcos in the country with about 1/2 acre fence. What is her adoption fee? She will be my emotion support dog and be smothered with love.
    Please let me knoe if she is available.

  6. Hi Peggy. Yes, Louise is available for adoption. Her adoption donation is $350. She has been spayed, microchipped and is up to date on her vaccinations. Please fill out an adoption application at

    Thank you!

  7. I am looking for a dog that will be a companion to my Westie. We had another dog that lived with us when we got Gabby but that dog (my son’s) moved out with him in June and Gabby is needing another buddy. I am used to having two dogs as well.

  8. Looking for a 4-8 year old Westie female to be a companion to our six year old female Westie. Living in San Antonio. This dog will be spoiled with love and affection-believe me!

  9. We’re interested in adopting a Westie or Westie mix between the ages of 1 and 6 years old. We lost our 11 year old Westie to Addisons disease and 19 year old Chihuahua to old age, 2 years ago and are ready to open our home and hearts to a new family member. We have submitted an application and are particularly interested in Audry. Is she still available for adoption?

  10. I am retiring from hallmark this summer. With all my kids grown and independent I really am excited to finally be able to have a dog be part of our family. The road we live on we surrounded by wonderful neighbors. Most are retired too. Both Deane and I would love to meet Audrey!!

  11. Wanting to adopt Ellie. My family just had to put asleep our Yorkshire terrier due to spinal meningitis. My daughter is 8 years old and really taking it hard. We are having our home cleaned so we will be sure not to have any problems with our new family member.

  12. We would welcome Huck with open arms.He looks just like the Westie I lost in Oct
    .I will spoil him rotten.

  13. I would like to Help around here, I can’t see driving to the Woodlands everyday. I could help in something else I had really want another baby but my 1st Westie was a rescue (my Sammy) he was 4 when I got him and he lived to after his 15 Barkday. I also know they are more loving being rescued. I could Help with a Senior or Foster. Luke is 10 he only knows one other Westie and the 1st time they meant he acted like he was looking in a mirror. We would just need to talk. Because I know the senior are not going to be here long before they go to the rainbow bridge. I’m usually home most of the time doctor visits for me or my mother. I live across the ally from her. It’s not weird I rent from her boyfriend. Weird I hope to hear from you guy’s.
    Also I do live in a townhouse, I walk around or go were Luke can walk off the leash. Their dog park not that far away too.

  14. My husband and I have had three westies and have lost our last one in January at 16 years old. Looking for a dog to love and be part of our family.

  15. Hi Mariann, Thank you for your interest in Ginger. Yes, she is a cutie! The first step in our process is for an adoption application to be completed and returned to us. You can find it on our website:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  16. I had a Westie 13 years but she passed 2 years ago. I’ve been pre-approved by Westie & Scottie Rescue of Houston. They are looking for one for me too. Please call when you have one. Can’t wait.Thanks
    Diana Kennedy

  17. I am interested in knowing more about Annie. I have not had a Westie before, but have been told by trusted sources that is a great experience.

  18. I saw Rylie on and I just fell in love!!! If he has not been adopted yet please contact me!!! I would just love to bring him to our home 😊

  19. We have completed the online adoption application and waiting for approval. We are interested in Dewey. We think he would be a great companion for our other Westie. Can’t wait to hear from you!

  20. I am very interested in getting more info on your pup Seelie. And if she can fly to the Seattle area. I live in Kent wa, and saw this add for Seelie and fell in love with her details. I wanted to know more about her and if she gets along with other dogs I have 0 cats.
    Please send me more info to email address,
    And what the adoption fee would be for flight and travel boarding I have a westie of my own and would love the opportunity to add another to our family.

    Lacey L. McKinley

  21. Completed an application and I would love to adopt Seelie! I am retired and I’m looking for a furever companion. My kids are in their 30’s and she will be my only ‘grand-baby’. I promise to love her just the same.

  22. I have had westies for the last 11 years. THEY HAVE ALL DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES EXCEPT ONE my little girl Precious was stolen in August 2015…and I have an ongoING ad on lost my .but there have been no leads . I’ve been heart broken since . And she was in a fenced yard when stolen .That left me with my last 2 boys (all my babies were from same litter born 12/27/2007) . Last month 2/23/2017 one of my babies Ting died leaving his brother and I all alone . We have both been devestated . I have worried that Chevis , Tings brother would grieve himself to death because the 2 had never been apart for one minute . So seeing him clearly lost and not sure what to do all by himself has motivated me to search for another westie . I love the breed and want another obe for both of us. My westies are like my children , and have no clue that they are dogs . My babies sleep with me eat with me go every where I go if possible and when it’s not possible they go to doggie day care . Which they love . Ting was the more vocal of the 2 ..he was a little Clown ..always literally lifting his lips shaking his head smiling ..God how I miss my TING …he like Braxton loves people and squirrels . I live in the country on 3 acres of land that my two best friends in the world own . They 2 are deeply saddened by the loss of our little watch dog . He was a grest protector. And was very protective of me and Chevis ..I do so hope to have the opportunity to either foster or most preferably adopt Braxton .. he would be a perfect addition to our family . Please contact me I am anxiously waiting .. I forgot to mention of Braxton is not still avaluable .or if you have more than one that needs a loving home .I’m ur home …I can’t describe the amount of love in my heart and would so love to give one or more a new home forever

  23. Hello. I rescued a westie mix in Jan 2011 and fell in love. He is the first dog that I have ever owned and he is absolutely wonderful. He is now 8 years old and still very active at home and plays well with other dogs that my friends own and at day care.
    We are looking for a fur sibling for him to play with while I am at work during the day. We are looking for a dog that is house trained, well behaved, friendly with other humans/pets and fairly active as my dog and I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. I currently live in an apartment but plan to purchase another home once the home I own (and am renting out) sells. It goes on the market in May.

  24. I really need a sweet baby girl that is already house trained and ready for my lap. I had two Scotties. 4 years ago after my husband died, my sweet Angus died at 13 and two months ago I lost my sweet girl, Callie at 12. I’ve always wanted a Westie and now is the time.

  25. We had a westese for our last dog. She was our best friend. Really love JEZZY. Looks like just what I have been waiting for

  26. I’m looking for a female dog that is already house trained and that I can learn to love . At this time I have NO PETS My brother and sister in law rescued a sweet dog from you a few months ago . I hoipe to do so as well .I m looking for d sweet dog that loves to walk early in the morning when its not so hot out side.

  27. I am legally blind but can care for myself and my wife. Have always had a dog or dogs and love the companionship. I am always home and love to walk and play with my dogs. Have always had them and miss my furry friends. My dogs have all passed from old age. I pride myself in the care of them. I always like non shedding dogs. I would take very good care of my new friend and them of me. Thank you.

  28. My mom Marti just applied for Jezzy. We lost our 14 year old Westie, Lilli, on July 14th. We had her since 8 week old. She was born one year to the day that our first Westie, Chloe, passed away at 16 years old. September 19th. Lilli and Chloe were the joy of our lives. We also had a rescue Scottie for about 6 years, Mary Pat. Lilli and Mary Pat were the cutest sisters. Westies and Scotties have captured our hearts forever.

  29. My husband and I have been without a pet for several years now. We have loved and cared for several dogs and cats throughout our married life, all of which lived into old age. As an older couple, we would like to provide a good and loving home to a small, sweet tempered, calm, mature, lapdog. We have not had a Westie before, but we believe there may be one out there for us. Thanks

  30. We look forward to adopting a young adult Westie in 2018!
    Thank you for considering us for the 4ever safe and active home for a Westie !

  31. We love our current rescue Westie that we’ve had for 7 years. We would love a new companion for her and ourselves. I’m a retired school teacher and can spend a great deal of time with a new loved one.

  32. We have always only had Westies. We have rescued 3 dogs from WRNT. You may remember Elvis. He was the love of my life. We currently have Chloe and Blu also rescued from WRNT.

  33. Hi.
    I am Lucia Flores, I am looking for a dog in special breed West Highland white terrier, age babby and young, size small, sex male.

    I do not have children and I have a comfortable house with a good fence around so I can play in the yard. He guaranteed that he will have all my love.

    Lucia Flores

  34. We had a westie, SCOOTER, for 13 yrs. January of last year (2017), he began to have seizures. Our vet, Dr Pipes @ country brook vet clinic, cleaned his teeth and pulled some bad ones. His siezures stopped until January this year. February he had seizure that wouldn’t stop, we took SCOOTER to Dr Pipes and we had to put him down. It has been hard not having him around, we miss his sassy attitude, lovable, loved to ride in car, and grew up with our grandkids. Would love to have another to spoil and love

  35. We had a westie for 13 yrs. His name was Scooter. Happy, full of energy, loved chasing the squirrel in our back yard, loved all people, playing ball. He began to have seizures and we had to put him down Feb 21 of this year. We miss him and want to love another one.

  36. Hi Tolbert, We are sorry to here of Scooter’s passing. The first step in our adoption process is for a completed application be submitted to us. You can find it on our website:

  37. I recently lost my best friend who would have turned 17 on May 7th of this year. He was a male Westie that I got at Heartland pet and they couldn’t find him a home because he was 6 mos old and everyone wanted a small puppy. It was love at 1st sight for both of us. When he turned 6 for his birthday I got him a female westiepoo. I can’t replace him but her and I would love to give our love and attention to a older female westie.

  38. We are very interested in Wally. We have a rescue dog named Toby we took home about a year and a half ago. We think he’s about 2 years old. He’s microchipped and current on his vaccinations. We are looking for a friend for him and think Wally might be a great fit.

  39. I’m just looking now. I just lost my 15 y/o Yorkie. Need some time to heal. My daughter has a Cairn and I just adore him. Interested in either a Westie, Cairn or mix. Would like a dog that is already crate and house trained.

  40. Looking to adopt and maybe foster with your org.
    Please send me information on how to do both.
    Thank you!

  41. I am a traveling nurse and am currently working in Raton, NM. I have wanted a Westie for several years, since I house trained my daughter’s Westie. (They are the smartest pups ever!) I have looked into purchasing a puppy, but feel like rescue is the better option for me. Please consider my application for Daisy Mae. Thank you

  42. I thought I had filled out a form, sorry. I have had two Westies. MAX and Murray. I lost Murray at 15 and Max (recently) at 17. Dr. Kim at Cypress Creek has been my vet for the last 5 years.

  43. I would love to have a little guy, who has seen some life, but isn’t jaded. I expect a couple of walks a day, and the westie(?) can expect, play, recommended nutritious meals, toys, lots of scents to tease the olfactory senses, road trips, and naps.

  44. We love dogs, especially Scotties and westies ! We would take excellent care of Jello and made sure he got the best treatment !

  45. I am very interested in Halley and her house mate Gracie when they come available. I think it is important to possibly keep them together. I have not seen a posting for Gracie but knowing the Westie breed I am sure she is a sweetheart. I have submitted my application and appreciate your consideration.

  46. I am interested in adopting. I have a part Westie male who is playful, good with kids. My other 13 year old dog just passed and my sweetie is lonely. He was a rescue from Austin pets Alive. I have a wonderful home to offer, large backyard, their own bed in our bedroom with their own doggie door and spoiled to no end.

  47. We had a Westie from 8 weeks to 16 years of age and loved her dearly. We are clearly dedicated to Westies and would love to have another.

  48. We just lost our 13 year old Westie. We have a lot of love to give!! So today I completed your application to adopt a new Westie to join our family!!!

  49. Would you ever adopt to a family living in the Dallas, TX area? We adopted a Westie from you in 2004. Sadly we had to put him down in 2013 because he had cancer. Terrible day!!! We would like to adopt again.

  50. Hi Qiana, we’re so sorry to hear about your westie going to the Rainbow Bridge. Lone Star Westie Rescue is located in the DFW area, so we adopt in this area a lot. Please go to our website; and submit an application. Thank you!

  51. We live in Austin. Are we eligible to adopt a westie from you? We have had two who lived to be 13 and 15 years old. Have no dogs at present, and have been retired a few years and spend most of our time at home.

  52. My husband and I would love to adopt Mattie and Baxter. Even though we live far way I can provide face time and Skype visits and photos. We love the Westie breed.

  53. I completed an application today for Mattie and Baxter. Over the past years I have had a Westie, a Cocker Spaniel (pound rescue), and a Wire Fox Terrier and a Westie (together for almost 15 years. My Terrier passed about 2 years ago and my Westie one year ago. I am more than ready for new pets. My vet for over 25 years, Dr Mark Hartwell retired and sold his practice a couple of years ago, but I can provide contact info if you prefer him as a reference. He knows me and all my pets well. While I have a pool, access to it is via a screened porch with lockable doors. I have always taken my dogs out on leash since you never know what critters may be in the yard–squirrels, etc. Since I am now retired I have plenty of time to devote to exercise and training. Pets would only be left alone for short periods of time, gone to grocery store and errands. I would greatly appreciate a response as to whether or not I am a potential adopter. If not selected I will move on to other adoption opportunities.

  54. We love our animals like they are our children. We had a beautiful, sweet Westie who passed away at 14 years old. She was my soul mate. We have two precious dogs, both females, both terriers, one Scottie, one terrier mix rescue. We miss not having a Westie and would be so happy to have another Westie to join our family.

  55. We are very interested in Gill. My wife and I totally fell in love with him after seeing his pictures and profile. Is he still available? We’ve filled out the application and anticipating your response.

  56. I recently lost my 13 year old Westie within a month of losing her 13 year old black lab brother. My Westie, Lainie, succumbed to bladder cancer after battling cushing’s disease and diabetes for over 5 years. She was stubborn until the end in true Westie form. I miss them both terribly and my home is deafeningly quiet without their presence. I have a rescue kitty who thinks she is really a dog, but it isn’t quite the same. Lainie was my co-pilot and constant companion. I have fostered lots of different breeds throughout the years, but am naturally drawn to Westies. Would love to be considered as a forever family. Thanks.

  57. Hi I just filled out an application for Gill. I fell in love with him at first sight I just lost one of my dogs April 5 of chronic heart disease —he was 11 I miss him terribly but I have much love to give. I have an eight-year-old Westie that I rescued at 6 months old. Westies are wonderful dogs and I am are looking for another one to complete our family. I am a stay at home dog mom (retired teacher) with a fenced in yard. I treat my dogs like children and they go everywhere with me! Please consider me to adopt Gill.

  58. I would love to adopt Mac. I live in Tucson but would come pick him up, or meet someone in a location. I lost my Max 2 years ago.He was a big boy too. I have a westie girl (spayed) and a chihuahua mix Male. The Male loves everybody. I am ready to spoil him with love and affection as well as take care of his special needs. 520-203-8880.

  59. I have had the pleasure of being “mommy” to 4 westies. I love dogs period but these little white balls of energy make me happy.

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