If you have a Westie In Need, please contact our hotline at 877-561-5922 or by email at  If you are interested in a Westie that you see on our website or Facebook, please complete an Online Application here on our website or on our Facebook page at

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  1. I filled out an application but dont know if you received it. Name is Jude Ryan. Currently I would be interested in meeting Ellie. She could be my next furever Westie!!

  2. Hello,
    We’re very interested in adopting Audry (Westie mix). We live in Colorado. Will you work with the Westie Rescue Network in Colorado for home visits and inspection approvals? Thanks, Gerry W

  3. I do not see that Ellie was ever adopted – did she find her forever home? If not, I am newly retired and our old dogs passed within the last year and a half. I am over my grieving period and ready for someone as sweet as Ellie to keep me company.



  5. Yikes, Ellie is still on the site as of 02/01/2016, but I note someone else had expressed an interest in her in November! Is she still available? Please let me know! I just completed an application for her this morning! Holly Rust

  6. Thank you everyone, for your interest in Ellie. We have good news to share with you; she has found her furever home! Look for her happy tails on this site and our FB page.

  7. Hi Elizabeth! It is Michelle Malegni……….returning to Dallas which I feel is “truly home” by about mid May. The gals at Westie Rescue OC told me all about your rescue group. Feel free to email me. Romeo is still with me but at “just shy of 16 yrs” has become a sweet old man. What a joy he has been. Would love to get involved when I return.

  8. Hello, my name is Clara and I am Brazilian. I was looking for like dogs with my late Belinda and found the Westie breed the following page of Lone Star Westie Rescue on facebook. I am very interested, very much in having a one could number, please contact me .. I really need

  9. Hello,
    My name is Shar Burgess and I reside in Fort Worth. I am a former Westie mom and I would lover to adopt another Westie.My Westie Phoenix past 5 years ago and it’s taken me a while to accept he’s gone. I would love to provide a loving home to a Westie in need of one. I have a large private home, no other pets and willing to provide medical insurance for my fur baby. I am willing to have a home inspection and an interview. Please consider me for adoption of one of your Westies.

    Shar Burgess

  10. I just submitted an application but I did not check the box for adoption.
    Also in the box for losing a pet or them dying, I meant to go back and complete.
    We had 3 boxers that have all died,
    Siruis, the male, was 10 years old when he died in 2010. He had gone blind the last six months of his life and became very aggressive. He died in his sleep.
    Sadie, the female, who had several litters, died at the age of 7 from cancer in 2012. She was on medication, and was kept as comfortable as possible until she passed.
    Cassius, a male, was Sirius and Sadie’s baby boy. He was 6 when he died in March 2014. The cause of his death is unknown. I had let him and Simba( who I adopted for Cassius after his mom,Sadie, died) out in the backyard while I went to the store. When I got back, Simba was at the backdoor, but not Cassius. I went out and called but he never came. It was dark, and the lights did not shine in the far corner of the yard. I went to get a flashlight and walked all around and then found him lying by the fence.
    My husband and I assumed that he could have had cancer also, and it wasn’t detected, or he’d got bitten by a snake…. But, there were no marks on him.
    So, the reason for my wanting to adopt is for Simba, who LOVES to play, needs a companion. Little Bit, my maltipoo, who is 8, does not like to play much with Simba.

    Thank you,
    Tamara Sommerlatte

  11. Hi there! I have filled out an application and inquired about several dogs. Now I would like to know if Gunner and Jack are still available?
    I have asked about Gunner a few times and have not heard anything about him yet.
    So, is he still up for adoption?
    Tamara Sommerlatte

  12. Hi Tamara, Gunner has been adopted and at this moment all of our rescues have homes.

  13. Hi I have inquired and sent in app about Ellie… I haven’t heard anything !! Is she still available ?? Please let me know her status. Seems like a lot of people wait a long time to hear from you all.
    Thank you

  14. Is Mrs. Pearl still available from the Lone star Westie rescue site? My family and I are interested in her. How long does the adoption process take.

  15. Hello,
    I filled out an application and wanted to know the status and had some questions. Could someone please contact me. Thank you,

  16. Hello, I am hoping to adopt before Christmas, however I’m not sure if that is a reasonable expectation. I filled out an application a week or so ago and I’m not sure if there is anything else I need to do. Please contact me when you are able. Thank you!

  17. I’m going to fill out an application. We have had Westie’s before and would be interested in another one, would like a young one. We had a Lab Rescue that we lost in July, and have decided we need another dog. We are located in Grapevine, Texas. If you need a contact # it would be 469-441-4476.

  18. we recently lost our westie a few weeks ago..we are heartbroken and he was such a big part of our everyday like. we miss the walks and our time with him. His name was Wesley and we had him over 11 years. He was such a boyish character and loved outdoors. We hope to find another westie similar to him. We want an older one about 3 or so but would love anyone we can get. please let me know what is available and procedure to get one. we live in Okla but travel to south texas yearly. thanks for any help or assistance you can give us. Jolene west 580-799-2112

  19. I filled out an application and would,love to adopt a Westie soon! Is there a number to call about adoptions?

  20. Hello!
    I just submitted an application to adopt Katie, and am wondering if she is still available. I have fallen in love with her picture and bio, and would love to be her forever Mom! A friend of mine, Tricia Hunt, has had great luck in adopting from Lone Star and highly recommends you.
    If Katie is no longer available, I would be interested in adopting another Westie. I hope you will please consider me to be a great candidate for either Katie, or one of your other wonderful dogs!
    Thank you…Renee Morris

  21. Hi Annette,
    LuLu has not been adopted yet. However, we do have several applicants interested in her. If you would like to, please submit an adoption application to us. thank you!

  22. Is Jolly Jezzy still available? My sweet elderly Westie that I rescued 7 years earlier crossed the Rainbow Bridge in August 2015. I so want to rescue another sweet girl and Jezzy looks perfect. My husband and I are retired and have no children or pets. We have been waiting for just the right Westie to adopt. Jezzy really looks like the one for us! I will happily fill out an application but I wanted to know if she is still waiting for me.

  23. My husband and I are looking to rescue an adult Westie. We currently have a 7 month old Westie puppy and he would love a playmate! Our first Westie crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year.

  24. Hi Joan and Mike, the first step in our adoption process is complete an adoption application. You can find it on our website ( Thank you! Sorry to hear that one of your Westies crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  25. I emailed on Ellie today., I am off work tomorrow …. my name is Sherie Chapman I just wanted you to have my private email ..
    I emailed from my job at Baylor …
    please let me know if she is still available … she deserves a forever home.
    Love you E
    Sherie and John Chapman

  26. So interested in Ellie!!! Want her for our family !
    All adults … 3 furry younger sisters!!!!
    Please contact us!!! 214-707-7783 mommas phone

  27. Hello! I’m interest in one of your westies! Can you please give me a call at your earliest convienence 832-702-9871 or 281-744-2302.

  28. Hello, I just wanted to confirm our families application for Dottie. We just fell in love with her! She would be such a blessing to our home and hoping a wonderful companion for our Denver, he’s a 4 year old lovable, gentle, happy and playful boy, who loves other dogs and is always a gentleman around females. We would love nothing more then to welcome Dottie home! ***Dottie n Denver*** we think it’s meant to be❤️

  29. Hi, I’m Jan Thomas, and I have. a Westie named Dylan. We live in Chandler, TX. Dylan will be 17 on March 28. I turned 71 in Dec. We are spending our last days together. I don’t expect either of us to go any time soon.

    Dylan would love to have a buddy to grow older with, and I would like more activity around here. Right now I cannot remember the name of the one I am interested in but his name begins with King and he is 8 years old. He has been with you for a long time, and he needs a good place to call home.

    My email is We live in Silver Leaf Senior housing. All buildings are 1 story and each building has no more than 6 apartments. There are 17 buildings and 13 acres. 74 apartments in total. Our apartment has 2 bedrooms, one of which I have made my study. You can Google Silver Leaf Chandler TX and see some good pictures.

    I would love to know if this precious senior westie is still available and where he is located.

    Thank you for your time. Oh Dylan takes his walks on a leash and so would our new family member. There are no fences in our community.


  30. Hello

    We are interested in Joplin and Jagger. We would like to meet them? We have two children 14 &11. We are ready to find another dog to share our home with and thought these two might be a good fit. Please let me know how we can meet.

    Thank you,

    Bridget Harris

  31. Hello, I filled out the application for Frankie but I am also interested in Taylor if Frankie isn’t available.
    I did fill out the application earlier today.
    Thank you for your consideration!

  32. Hi My name is Lily Deleon, I love Frankie, I will take him home in a heart bit!! I have two more westies at home, one is 13 years old and the other one is 8 years old. I will see them playing, eating, bathing, running and sleeping together, I will take care of him for all his life….I will take care of all three of them.
    I will be Frankie’s mom if he comes home with me.
    My phone is 713-269-6761

  33. We love Frankie, too!!! He would be a perfect addition to our family. We have a 6 year old Westie who looks just like Frankie. Together we would have fun going on long walks, playing, and taking car rides. We filled out the application on 2/18. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  34. Hi! I submitted an application on Tuesday and haven’t heard from you. What’s the next step?

  35. Hello Im liz
    I filed out an application for Frankie. Not sure if reveived 😦 been hoping for a Westie for a bery long time Have recomendations from scottie breeder. Just wand a new friend to spoil

  36. Hi Liz. Thank you for inquiring about Frankie. He met his new family and Westie brother this weekend and is doing well. We believe he’s found his furever home.

  37. Thank you for our wonderful Taylor. He has adapted well to our home like he has always lived here. He loves going in and out of the doggy door and playing with his sister Mia. Thank you for all you do! Thank you Janelle and Josey Ranch Pet Hospital for their diligence in getting Taylor well and ready for his new home and Elizabeth in handling the whole adoption process.

  38. I’m looking for a Westie to adopt. I’m also interested in volunteering when I can.
    How can I be added to both list to be contacted?
    Thank you,

  39. Hi Lisa, we received your adoption application yesterday. What kind of volunteering would you be interested in?

  40. I submitted an application for consideration to adopt Toodles…
    Did you get it and could you let me know if I’m on your list?
    Thank you,
    Lisa B

  41. Hi,

    I was interested in helping by fostering.
    I don’t know if you still need help or not.

    I’m a 53 year old, recently single woman that has had Westies in her life since she was 8 years old. I love the breed and understand it, or I should say I try. 😀

    I currently have a 12 year old female Westie, a 6 year old, female rescued Australian Shepherd mix, and a 1 year old male, Westie mix. All of the dogs are very well behaved and love being around other dogs. They are also all fixed.

    The benefit of choosing me to foster is my home is not needing another permanent animal, but it is a home so full of love that I know we can help any dog. I’ve also got experience in fostering and have been vetted.

    I live with my 25 year old son who
    is currently going to school. We leave in the NRH/Keller area. I’ve also fostered in the past for North Texas Westie Rescue. They are currently not in need of any fosters since the dogs that are coming in are finding good homes fast. Of course this is the best news, but I still would love to help where I can.

    Anyway, please let me know if my help is needed in any way. Thank you again for doing all that you do.

    Best Wishes,
    Libby McPherson

  42. Hi Libby, Thank you for reaching to us and offering to foster. Would you please fill out an adoption application and submit it back to us? You can mark on it that you’re interested in fostering.

  43. Hi,

    I was wondering if Daisy is still available? she is beautiful.

    Thank you.

    Libby McPherson

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