Lone Star Westie Rescue (“LSWR”) is an all-volunteer, donation sposored, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical care, and finding forever homes for West Highland White Terriers (“Westies”).

LSWR’s Mission is to provide animal rescue services to Westie’s regardless of age, health issues or geographical location in the state of Texas, as well as provide emergency veterinarian services, including spay and neuter surgery to help reduce the animal overpopulation, provide rehabilitation and animal behavior training as needed and place each rescued Westie in a safe and loving permanent home.  LSRW works with other non-profit animal organizations by ways of coordinating rescues, sharing information, and to help inform the public of the plight of puppy mills.

Company Overview

LSWR is an all-volunteer, donation sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to providing medial care, socialization skills, and finding permanent homes for Westies.


LSWR received Westies through multiple channels.  Some are strays turned in directly to the organization.  Some are from owners surrendering their Westie due to finances, health or family situations.  We also receive Westies from over-filled animal shelters and from puppy mills and hoarder seizures.

General Information

We organize vet checks, adoptions, fostering, educational and public awareness campaigns.  We operate fund raising in order to cover the medical care and attention our intake and foster Westies require and we help direct current owners to behavioral and/or medical sites to help treat their current Westie’s needs.


LSWR 990-N Status