Hello folks, my name Jasper I just turned 8 years this past February.  My birthdate is 2/14/2013. My human mom passed-away and I’ve been living with a family member.  It was a difficult decision but due to their busy and hectic schedule they decided to contact LSWR to find me a new home.

I am a very sweet Westie boy, gentle and a cuddler.  I love EVERYONE!  I love attention, being petted, sitting next to humans and I love being outdoors.  I love going for walks and I love to chat with all the people and pups on the walking trail.  Squeaky toys, rope toys, tennis balls, I love them ALL!!  I’m also very smart, I know sit, stay, come and I walk great on a leash and I ride very well in the car.  I know all about doggie doors too.  I recently had a dental cleaning in Dec-2020 and I’m fully vaccinated.

I’m a super great looking Westie, all 20 pounds of me.  I occasionally have a few tee-tee accidents in the house, not super often, so I will need someone that is home more to give me potty breaks.  I’ve lived with another Westie gal, so I am perfectly fine with another furry friend.  If you have the time for this sweet Westie boy, I promise, we’ll be great companions.  Please visit lswr.us and read all about me.  I will be waiting patiently.

XOXO Jasper

Duffy and Cala

Hello everyone, I’m Duffy!  I was rescued from a puppy mill on 1/28/2021 when another rescue group asked LSWR if they could help me and my buddy Westies in need.  Here I am and happy to be in the care of LSWR.

I’m a wee darling Westie weighing in at 16 pounds, a little guy who will steal your heart! I just turned 6 years old in January and LSWR got me checked out from head to tail.  My blood work health results are excellent.  I am heartworm negative, neutered, and up to date on my vaccinations too.

During my initial intake exam my vet said my teeth were in horrible shape and there was a high probability that all of them might need to be extracted during my dental, and they were right.  All my teeth were extracted on 2/9/21 but that doesn’t bother me one bit cause I’m all healed.  In fact, my weight improved since my teeth and gums don’t hurt when I eat.     You should see me jumping for joy when my foster Mom preps my meals, you’d think I’m on a trampoline!  I can eat softened kibble, canned or homecooked, no problem.

When you look at me, my entire face looks just the same as dogs with a full set of choppers.  Having no teeth doesn’t stop me playing either, I play with other dogs just fine.  I play “bite me” games and I wrestle and chew on my soft fabric chew toys too.  While I understand my not having teeth may be a showstopper for some individuals, that’s ok, because my foster family said I can crash at their house until just the RIGHT family comes along.

Everyone who has met me, says I have a very kind and gentle soul and such a loving disposition.  They love how I cuddle with them.  If they have a lap, I’m in it.  You’ll never lounge alone with me by your side!  I love people and love my foster buddies.  I certainly want another doggie companion because I enjoy the company of other doggies.   Speaking of, I’d like to introduce my Westie pal and my buddy, Cala.  We want to be adopted as a pair, because we came in together from the mill, and we’re a great playful and active pair.  I will let Cala tell you herself…


Hi everyone, my name is Cala.  Well, yep, that’s my guy Duffy and he’s the best.  I match him perfectly not only in size, I’m a wee 12 pounder of dynamite, but I also match him perfectly in temperament.  We have a lot of energy, love playing with each other, and love cuddling with each other and our humans.  Make room on those human laps for me too Duffy, cause I’m taking my share!

My intake was good, excellent health I just needed a teeth cleaning, and a spay.  Done and done, and I’m heartworm negative and up to date on my shots too.  Did I say I’m a young 2 ½ year old Westie, full of energy and I’m always the one leading the way to our adventures. 

Like Duffy mentioned, many things are new to us and we are still learning.  We will need time, patience and training.  We still are getting used to new situations, and we get startled by loud noises like when the TV comes on or channels change, but we do it less and less as time passes and our confidence builds.

We are also new to learning how to walk on leashes and new to learning about potty manners.  We aren’t destructive with chewing or digging, but we do get into things because everything is new to explore.  We are kind of like puppies that way, still learning the rules and the ropes and full of typical terrier curiosity and “Westitude” about life.  But better than silly puppies, we have a clue and are fast learners.  We want to make you as happy as we are!

Duffy and I have checked everything off our wish list, clean soft beds, good health and good food, loving foster care.  And we’d sure like to check off that last item, a loving family of our own to enjoy life with!  We are ready for the next chapter of our lives together, could that be together with you?

If you think your home would be a good match for us, please submit an online application for our wonderful LSWR matchmakers!  They look forward to hearing from you!

Please note:  LSWR DOES NOT HAVE A PUBLIC SHELTER. ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE FOSTERED IN PRIVATE HOMES. Only adopters meeting adoption criteria can be invited to meet the dogs.  Thank you!


Hello everyone, my name is McGee. Some of my friends and I just joined LSWR. Another rescue group reached out to LSWR to ask if they could help some Westies in need and how can anyone turn away from helping any pup in need?

I am 22 pounds of a healthy Westie, active and simply adorable!  I’m even cuter in person if you can believe that!  I am heartworm and fecal negative, up to date on my vaccinations and my blood work came back with excellent results. I just turned 4 years old on 12/28/2016.

I was rescued from a puppy mill and I was so lucky that LSWR dropped everything and immediately came for me.  I was a little scared getting out of the crate after the transport, but as soon as I got out of the car and saw a nice yard with green grass, I perked right up!! I marched in like I owned the place.  I have grown up with other Westies so I would be okay with another Westie or even just me.  I’m a little “fireball” as I have huge energy and I love the backyard.

Many things are new to me so I will need time, patience & training.  I’m just learning how to walk on a leash and learning about potty manners.  I’m also learning that it’s okay to come in the house and now I run back in fast!  I will need a family that has that has the time and patience to teach me so many new things.

My shots are up to date and I will be neutered and have a dental in the next week.  I am a wonderful Westie bear and I am looking for a wonderful life.  Is it with you? 

Visit lswr.us to read about me and submit an online application if you meet the criteria.

Please note:  LSWR DOES NOT HAVE A PUBLIC SHELTER. ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE FOSTERED IN PRIVATE HOMES. Only approved adopters will be invited to meet the dogs.



Hi folks, I’m cutie Chloe! Due to trying circumstances, my family could no longer keep me, so they made the difficult but right to call LSWR because they only want the BEST for me.

Let me tell a little bit about myself.  I’m estimated to be about 8 and ½ – 9 years young and in excellent health.  I have been very well cared for, as you can tell from my lovely pictures.  I get along great with other dogs, love going for walks & doggie park and LOVE playing ball.  I’m very playful and get excited when it’s play time.  I’m good in my crate but I also have full roam of the house because I’m such a good girl!  I’m potty trained and I do exceptionally well on a leash.  Balls and squirrels are my favorite and I know tons of commands.  I wait patiently as my meals are being prepared, and I greet visitors very nicely.  I have been an only pup in my home, but I get along great with other dogs.  Young children/toddlers make me nervous so I would not be a good fit with young children.  I am 21 pounds, spayed and up to date on all my shots.  I’m just a girl who wants to play and have FUN, not to mention I’m a beautiful spunky girl.

I’m a super sweet girl and I see my future with a loving family who dotes on me 24/7. I am looking for a new “leash” on life, would you be my new family? Hope to hear from you soon.

Please visit lswr.us and complete an online application. 

XOXO Chloe

Mazie and Milo – ADOPTED

Hello everyone, We’re Mazie and Milo and we are the new kids on the block. We started off our years in a puppy-mill, but thankful some good rescue groups helped us get a second chance. We are both estimated to be about 6-7 years old and we are in excellent health. Milo is the smallest one of the pair weighing in at 15 pounds and I weigh 17 pounds.

We are a very bonded pair and get along great with each other. Milo is great with all Westies and I’m good with male Westies but I’m NOT compatible with other female dogs.

We both sleep in our crates at night and doing good on potty training. Sometimes Milo magically appears in my crate and likes to snuggle with me. Some of our favorite activities include sunbathing and chasing critters in the backyard. And for the record we are both SUPER FAST!! For a little guy, Milo, has a loud bark and so do I. Milo also likes to howl at the fire engine sirens when he hears them, it’s quite comical!!

I’m the leader of the two and Milo follows me around all the time. Anything I do, he does. I’m a super sweet girl and I’m going to blossom into a beautiful girl. I’m super affectionate and will thrive with love and patience. When we’re outside Milo and I wrestle and chase each other, we’re a hoot!!

Any family willing to give Milo and I a little love and take a whole lot of love in return would be the most perfect fit for us. Our shots are current, and we are microchipped. We will be spayed, neutered and have dentals in a few days and then we will be ready to meet our new family. We will need a loving and active family who understands Westietude and can continue our training.

So, what lucky family is out there just waiting for us?

Please NOTE: Mazie & Milo are not good apartment pets. They need a secured fenced in yard. No cats or children. LSWR does not ship our pets. Submit an application if you meet the above requirements.

XOXO Mazie & Milo


Introducing Sweet Cami,

I was found and picked up by a local shelter.  I had been wandering the streets for a while and eating my meals from garbage cans.  I was very skinny when I came into foster care on 3/7/20, but all that is behind me now!!

I am a very young Terrier mix.  I’m estimated to be about 1 year old so I’m still ALL PUPPY.  I’m spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  I’ve been a great house guest in my foster home and have brought them so much joy, love and affection, humans and Westies included.

I have learned potty manners and I’ve proven that I’m a very smart girl and willing to obey all the house rules.  Like I mentioned earlier, I’m all puppy which means I’ve torn up a few things, which is what puppies do, but I’m learning quick.  I’m a little “fireball” as I have huge energy.  I play hard and love playing chase with my Westie foster buddies.  I love my toys and squeakers.  I am super sweet and love attention and being petted.  I’m working on my manners when greeting guests because I get so excited when family and friends visit but I’m making progress and will need to continue my training.  I’m not too sure about this “leash” thing because I want to run and run and pull on the leash, there’s just so many things to explore.  I really want a home/family that have LOVE and TIME for me.  I also want a home with a fenced yard and a puppy companion would be great to keep up with my active life style.

I am one happy and lucky girl so you better hurry, I am a great catch!