Lil Leo Needs a Furever Home:

Image083020141355551 IMG_1901

Leo the Lionheart has come to Lone Star Westie Rescue to look for his furever den. He is approximately 3-4 years old. He has very little ferocious traits or what we all like to call Westietude. He is the sweetest and most well behaved little Westie on the planet and to top it off he is potty trained. Leo has made a smooth transition into his foster home.

Leo is looking for a furever den that will mesh well with his laid back attitude and be able to provide belly rubs throughout the day and at random times. A good belly rub seems to be his favorite activity. His foster mum tells us that if Leo sees a hand he is quick to flip over for a rub. Leo’s foster mom thinks Leo might melt because he is so cute and sweet. We are pretty sure he is working the Westie charm with his furever mum because she also stated that Leo’s button eyes burst with love. Her words not ours.

Leo is up to date on his shots, potty trained, neutered, microchipped and has clean fangs. He is read for his next adventure.

*If you are interested in adopting Lil Leo, please fill out the Online Application on our Facebook Page at or you can complete an Online Application on our website at

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