Rooney a/k/a “The Heart Thief”

20140828_110623 20140828_110619

Rooney stole the heart of Lone Star Westie Rescue volunteers and now he has gone and done it, again.

He has a new “furever” family and many new friends and neighbors to go along with them. We hear that he was greeted throughout the day by his new social network and that his basket full of toys grew substantially throughout the afternoon. We are calling this the beginnings of being spoiled, but Rooney prefers the term charisma.

He chose to rescue a family that lives on Lake Granbury and is anticipating his life as a boat dog once the rains come. We all hope for that soon. In the meantime, he has a golf cart to ride in that will help him develop his sea legs. “The Heart Thief” will have all kinds of new adventures.

Lone Star Westie Rescue volunteers said that, although they left a piece of their hearts with Rooney, it made it a lot easier knowing he is in great hands and will be loved.

Cheers to you Rooney, cheers to you.

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