Payton’s Story

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Payton, a 5 year old male Westie, has been in foster care at Lone Star Westie Rescue since late December.  He came in with two torn ACL ligaments in his hind legs. He had TPLO (tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy) surgery on Monday on his right knee.  He spent the night and was supposed to be released on Tuesday.  His foster mom went to pick him up and when Payton was getting ready to be released, he suffered a seizure and was re-hospitalized.  In the interim, tests proved he has Addison’s disease so they quickly started addressing that issue.  His prior blood work from his dental in December and pre-anesthetic blood work had all come back normal so the Addison’s diagnosis was a surprise.


The two days following his re-hospitalization,  The skin around Payton’s TPLO incision became necrotic and is too graphic for details.  Payton’s foster mom has been visiting him daily and the LSWR directors have met with his doctors and been told that Payton’s diagnosis is not good.   His doctors agreed that we should know by Monday to see how to proceed as well as thru the weekend.  He is in ICU and the facility is staffed 24/7.  He is on IV’s and pain MEDs so his doctors are comfortable they are managing the pain.  Payton is lethargic and weak, but does raise his head when he hears his foster mom’s voice.  His surgeon and doctors are doing everything they can to save him.

Update From this Morning:

When we arrived in the room and Nicole his vet tech placed him on the table he quickly turned to look at his foster mom and he perked up.  He was loved and held during our visit.  He has not eaten since Monday night, but he took his first nibble today..he ate one chicken nugget….and when he took that first little nibble there were tears in the room!   Since he ate the chicken nugget for his foster mom, the vet staff suggested we get him a rotisserie chicken so they could have it on hand to feed him throughout the day.  The vet staff is taking such great care of him and really pulling together for him.  His condition has not worsened nor improved (per the medical doctors) but his nurse said she could see him perking up a little and trying to move.  The darken skin (infection) on his right leg has not spread and the skin appeared so much better than yesterday.  The nurse agreed his leg looked a lot better than yesterday.  So baby steps, are miracles for this little boy.  LSWR staff and volunteers (“Payton’s Crew”) will be back again tomorrow to visit with him.  Please put our little Chicken Nugget in your prayers that he may recover and lead and active Westie lifestyle.

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