Jackson Finds His Furever Home:

IMG_04091 IMG_03981 IMG_03971

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA PEOPLE! Look at what happened to me. Ba Bam. Okay, here it is the short version of my story. I’m walking along on a blistering hot day and giant man hands scoop me up and I end up in air conditioning, but there is a bunch of wire cages in the place. I watch day after day as all the good looking dogs are adopted one after another. Then I hear someone say that I might not make it and Ba Boom someone scoops me up, again, and drives me off to a place called Lone Star Westie Rescue where a whole bunch of people like me and kiss me and let me poo in their yards and a bunch of other stuff. Then I meet Gilbert and Brad and I’ll be darned if they don’t have one of those LSWR dogs. They take me in and treat me just like part of the family. Not like a step-dog, but a real full blooded Westie dog. At this point, I am thinking, “Jackson, you should put on the charm and stay in this place – BA Bam.” I hone my charm on Mr. Gilbert and just about the time I get him convinced to drop his guard and make me a permanent fixture along comes this lady with hugs like you have never imagined. WHOA! Come to find out she was lost, too. But, luckily she found her way to Texas and came to see me. At this point, I am panting so hard and I have to tell Mr. Gilbert that Ms. Anita needs me and I’m gonna have to move on. With many tears, hugs and kisses I leave my mans and I am adopted by my new furever family. And, guess what? BA BAM SHALAM! I have a new brother! His name is Skye and he can’t hug like my new mom, but boy he can run and roll. I think I might have landed in heaven. To top everything off with a sweet slice of squirrel frosting mummy is going to volunteer with all those great peeps over at Lone Star Westie Rescue so I might get to see my mans again soon. Whew, what a journey. Thanks everyone for the help.

P.S. I’m still in shock in the first picture and I posted a pic of my new brother. Ba Bam!

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