Anna’s Happy Tail


Anna’s owner passed away and she was turned in to a shelter.   Anna is estimated to be about ten years old and the shelter worked hard to ensure Anna got a 2ndchance at life.  Anna, scared and confused, waited 2 months at the shelter in hopes of getting adopted but no one came for her.   Senior pets through no fault of their own find themselves homeless and can you imagine the fear and confusion Anna felt from once having a home to being abandoned in a shelter?


We are so happy to report that all that has changed for this sweet girl, thanks to all her guardian angels that teamed up to save her.  While in foster care, Anna received the medical attention she so deserved.  She was in desperate need of a dental and needed to have 29 teeth pulled.  She is a trooper.   In the short few weeks we’ve had her, she has blossomed with such curiosity, and her zest for life is endearing and she’s coming out of her shell.  Her new mom is so in love with her new companion and Anna now lives like the little princess she is.


Happy & Home,

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