North Texas Giving Day:


Who remembers our sweet little Louie. Well, as Lone Star Westie Rescue gears up for North Texas Giving Day we wanted to share some of our past foster stories and get your comments. We all know that caring for a beloved pet can be expensive. How much do you spend a year on pet care?

As you can see from Louie’s picture below he came into Lone Star Westie Rescue with severe skin issues. With the proper medical care and the love and support of volunteers Louie was able to make a full recovery. Unfortunately, it is often the case that Lone Star Westie Rescue’s adoption fees don’t cover the full cost of medical care and that is where we rely on the generous support of the community. As North Texas Giving Day approaches, please consider donating to Lone Star Westie Rescue so that we can help Westies in need.
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Here is a wonderful update from Louie’s furever mum:

“This is a pic if Louie’s first grooming last winter. He now has a full coat of hair as does his tail! Louie is a character; loving and adorable. He loves to love and be loved. He loves Clementine and always has to nuzzle her every morning before going out. 

We have pet names for him; Louis, baby boy and of course Louie Louie. He’s learned to obey (most of the time), loves to chase bugs and play with his toys and run through the house with Clem.

Louie is a joy, a delight———He’s perfect!”

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