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Here is another happy tail about a special little boy that came into Lone Star Westie Rescue very timid and shy. With the help of one of our foster families he was able to come out of his shell and learn to trust. His foster mum and dad worked hard to help him learn to trust. It took time before is foster mum said he was ready, but would need a patient and loving home that would give him the space and time needed to reach his full potential. Well, we have received a report from his new “furever” family and we couldn’t be happier to learn of McGee’s new adventures. Below is the report we received from McGee’s “furever” family.

“Here’s an update on McGee. He’s advancing wonderfully. Still shy of new things, but we’ve been working on his fear of men. His Dad has worked diligently with him and he now greets daddy at the door and does a puppy dance for him and asked to be petted by him. McGee hangs out on the couch with his Dad some and even lets our son pet him when he visits. McGee is still a little skittish of noises he doesn’t recognize, but he is doing well on sit, stay, and come commands. He’s learned the fine art of squirrel patrol and his new sis Abby and him chase them on a regular basis. They love sunbathing in the back yard. He’s got a favorite ball, he plays with a lot and does a cute puppy paw dance around it and entertains himself. Abby and him chase each other around the house like a racetrack it’s hilarious. Love’s going on long car rides. McGee and Abby will be taking their first vacation at the beach next month. Can’t wait to see how they like it. We all have been blessed by McGee’s warm and loving heart. He’s an absolute gem.”

Woof’s and Westie kisses
From McGee!

2 thoughts on “McGEE’S HAPPY TAIL

  1. Hi, I am looking into adopting a westie, I saw McGee and I wanted to get more info. How old? How much? And what is the process of adoption. I live in Houston, TX.

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