I love my new furever home.

I love my new furever home.

Gracie is doing very well.  She is learning manners, learning that potty outside means good girl and a delicious treat and sleeping on the big bed beats sleeping in a crate.  Though when she gets tired from all the day’s shenanigans, she lays in her crate, door open, and takes a nap.  She loves to play outside and is an impressive grasshopper hunter! She is an adventurer and dives under the water to play ball in her kiddie pool.  She adores her big brother, Jax, and follows him everywhere.  She will “help” him with his toy by chewing on the opposite end… while he is chewing his end.  She is a smart, silly, loving little pup and she has brought so much joy to me exactly when I needed it most.  She is a blessinge and I love her to bits!  (We all do.)

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