Hope Update:

hope200 hope201 hope202

We have great news about our special Hope.  She had a vet checkup this past week and she is looking fabulous.  She received her last set of vaccinations and can now get a grooming.  She is still a little sensitive when being picked up, but her foster mum is working hard to get her used to it.  It has been confirmed that with all the prior ear infections not being treated she is probably deaf.  But she is getting along great in her foster home.  She weighs 25 pounds and will be getting a dental and a benign cyst on her belly removed in the next couple of weeks.

Hope’s foster mom says she has more energy these days and follows her and her Westies around the house and yard.  Hope still enjoys her siestas and there are plenty of beds around her foster home.  LSWR is excited about Hope’s future and thanks her super foster mum for loving and caring for such a great little girl.

P.S. Hope’s foster mum reports that Hope sleeps with her tongue sticking out and that it is the cutest thing on the planet.

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