ADOPTED: Mitzi’s Needs a Furever Home

mitzi4 mitzi3


My name is Mitzi and I’m a lively Westie girl about three years old. When I came to LSWR I was pretty skinny, but now I’m starting to put on a little weight. And I’ve gotten back my energy — just ask the squirrels that try to come into our back yard! One day my foster dad brought me back from a walk in the park and we found two bunny rabbits and three squirrels playing in the front yard. I could have caught at least a couple of them if I hadn’t been dragging my foster dad around on the end of his leash.

My fosters tell everybody how affectionate I am. I love to curl up next to someone and take a nap. And it takes me only a few seconds to make friends with anyone I meet. When I meet a new dog I check him out pretty closely, but I’m a little reserved. And I confess I sometimes give my foster brother some grief, especially if he’s getting too much attention from my foster dad or mom. So I may be better off in a home where I can be the queen dog.

The doggy doctor says I’m healthy; I just need to add a little weight. And I’ll be getting a dental cleaning soon.

So please complete our Online Application if you’d like to know more about me. I’m really ready for my new home.

3 thoughts on “ADOPTED: Mitzi’s Needs a Furever Home

  1. I am a widow who is wanting to adopt a small dog like Mitzi . I just lost my Jack Russell who passed at 19 years old. Please let me know if this sweet dog is still available. Would love to give her a forever home.

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