ADOPTED: Lil’ Stanley Needs a Furever Home

Hello, I’m Lil’ Stanley, a wee little puppy (7 pounds) that will be looking for my new “furever” family. I was a recent shelter pup, but I’m now the latest addition to the LSWR family. I am so thankful a volunteer came to retrieve me from the shelter! I was scared, lonely and hurt. I am estimated to be about 6 months old and in great health with the exception of my bum, rear leg. While I can’t tell my dog-tor what happened to me, she believes I was hit by a car sometime ago and most likely I was not taken to a dog-tor at the time of my injury. The bones on my leg did not heal properly, and as a result, I experience pain when putting weight on it.

I can’t use that leg very well and I visited an orthopedic specialist to see if I can keep my leg. It would be great if I could but the injury is beyond repair and my leg will have to be amputated. I can tell you I am not letting this injury get in my way as I get around just fine with my 3 legs!

I just love life, enjoy being cuddled and giving hugs to humans. The entire staff at the vet’s office all fell in love with me. Really, they said I was the coolest perfect puppy ever, and they should know as they see lots of puppies. They spoiled and loved on me a lot. They made a big fuss saying good-bye when I left to go to my foster home. They said to come back after my surgery and they’d puppy sit me while I recuperate.

My surgery to remove my leg will be Tuesday 4/22. I might need a little time to physically heal but once that’s behind me, I will be ready to get on with my life and be loved by my “fur”ever family. The volunteers are looking for a very special home for me. Can you make room in home and your heart for me? Just ask for lil’ Stanley. I promise, I will fill your days and heart with love, hugs & kisses.

Puppy kisses to everyone!

Lil Stanley

2 thoughts on “ADOPTED: Lil’ Stanley Needs a Furever Home

  1. This puppy is absolutely adorable. I am writing to ask how his surgery went. Is he recovering well and adjusting to walking on three legs? I hope all goes ok. Do you know when you will be notifying people if they qualify to adopt him?

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Amny:

    Lil Stanley is doing awesome. He is in his foster home and his mom reports that he is running and jumping which is against doctor’s orders. The trick now will be to keep the lil man still for ten days. He is having non of that, but we look at that as a good thing. He will get posted to our adoption sites today. We have two inquires about him at this point. If your interested, please complete our Online Application at You can also find us on Facebook at

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