Duffy Needs a Furever Home:


Hi Everyone!

My name is Duffy and I am available for adoption. I am 5 yrs old and a little small at 16 lbs. The vet said I would look good up to 20 lbs. I am a retired working boy and am making the transition to family dog. I walk on a leash, sleep in a crate, play well with other dogs, and really like people. I am learning not to jump up on humans but I am so happy to be with you, it is hard!!

I wear a sumo belt in the house because sometimes I forget I am not outside and have tinkle accidents. Foster mom and I are going to dog school. I like the socializing aspect more than learning, but it will happen.

I have lots of energy and like to go on long walks. I am not a picky eater and even like some people foods: carrots, apples, rice, eggs, grilled chicken, and canned salmon. Since I didn’t have a good dental plan at the last place, my front teeth had to be removed. But don’t worry because my kibble-chompers in the back work just fine!

I am a really sweet guy (foster people say that, not just me) and would love to join your family. Send LSWR an application and let’s meet!

Look at the pictures and see how cute I am!!

To inquire about adopting fill out our Online Application in the menu tab above.  An application must be completed before we can start the adoption process.


Duffy the Dashing

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