??????????????????????????????????To adopt, volunteer, or foster with Lone Star Westie Rescue (“LSWR”) you must complete our Online Application.  All applicants are carefully screened before we even consider adoptions, volunteering or foster homes.  We feel this process is in the best interest of our Westies.  We have a lot of  Westies that come through our program that range in all ages.  If we don’t have the age you are looking for it is still advisable to complete the Online Application so we can begin the screening process.  Thank you for your interest in LSWR and remember that there is nothing like a Westie.


  1. Hi! A post was made yesterday on Texoma Pets Lost And Found. I think the lady was posting for a friend and the dog was likely placed even before the post to Facebook. I responded the minute I saw it because the female dog looked just like our missing Maggie. I was able to contact the poster who said the dog had been placed with a rescue group. Not sure if that is true or not, but I wanted to contact you to see if a new dog has joined you from Denison, TX. Thanks you!

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